Digital Finance Innovation Trend: Why Choose S BLOCK?

Digital Finance Innovation Trend: Why Choose S BLOCK?

Like the real market, there are many cheating cases in the Blockchain market, which makes it hard to distinguish the true and false for a freshman, without cautious, users will get cheated. At the same time, due to the phenomenon of large fluctuations in digital assets and frequent incidents of theft, if investors do not pay attention and invest with cautious, they will go bankrupt. It is obvious that choosing a reliable project is crucial. After all, no one’s money came from the gale. After examining many Blockchain projects, I think S BLOCK is worth recommend to everyone.

The rising star

The S BLOCK digital assets wallet app has launched in more than 20 countries, and has generated strong repercussions in the market. It is reported that on Oct 8 and December 2 of the year 2019, the exchange and Stable currency will be launched respectively. As a startup, why S BLOCK is shining?

The S BLOCK Foundation originated in Sweden, the core technology team is from the world’s top universities and has a rich knowledge base of Blockchain and business. As S BLOCK’s CEO, Ivan served as chief executive officer of Goldfinch Network, Elevenbots. He is also an outstanding entrepreneur and investor, and a former COO and co-founder of STOBox. These experiences have provided him with a wealth of expertise in business, Blockchain technology, marketing and law, which have enabled S Block to be able to raise capital and market development easily.

1. A value-added digital assets wallet. Digital assets Production will be managed by Wall Street’s top foundation, which will generate sustained revenue. In addition, S BLOCK will also collaborate with Stanford University’s Blockchain Research Center, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge University alternative Finance Center to precise investment in high-tech areas and Blockchain areas to ensure the sustainability and stability of returns. Compared with the traditional mainstream digital assets wallets such as imToken, Coinbase, Blockchain can excel its master.

2. The safest digital assets wallet. Theft of digital assets on mainstream digital assets wallet is frequent, as a palmtop bank who regards security as a life; S BLOCK app is more thorough in the decentralization aspect. And the wallet is based on the world’s leading security technology provided by the Swedish military. From beginning to end, including the process of signing is completed locally, and a user’s mnemonics words and the private key cannot be obtained but the user, other people or even the backstage management cannot get the information of the mnemonic words and private key. With the protection of top technology and top talent, S Block can do better in terms of security.

3. A better-to-use digital assets wallet. S BLOCK not only supports the mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and DUSD, but also supports dozens of other niche cryptocurrencies, and cooperates with the master nodes to introduce a variety of stable, high-income and low-risk node currencies, and plans to achieve the full coverage of the cryptocurrencies in the future; The S BLOCK also has a strategic cooperation with a number of the world’s top exchanges, which can realize the fast-speed transaction and management of the digital assets; The unique payment system developed by ourselves will bridge the virtual currency and hypostatic application. S BLOCK’s function is full and easy for trading, and It is also has characteristics of open and transparent, free of access and highly secure, and so on. The cryptocurrencies transferred by public households on the platform can follow in and out without any restrictions.

The vision of S BLOCK

S BLOCK chose opening up, fairness, win-win, multi-sharing as corporate culture, and committed to creating an open and equitable Blockchain community to achieve win-win and share the development results with customers. In order to further improve the ecological layout, maintain and enhance the competitive power of enterprises, S BLOCK will launch on its exchange, Stable currency, S PAY and other projects, and will operate in North America, Europe and Middle East, etc. and eventually formed a well-developed Blockchain ecosystem.

No matter how fierce the competitive are in the market, S BLOCK will continue to work hard, with the top founding team, excellent corporate culture and leading technical experience, S BLOCK will be able to ride the wind and become the leader in Blockchain field.