Establishment of New Role – International Community Advisor (ICA)

Establishment of New Role – International Community Advisor (ICA)

With the growing demands of S BLOCK globally, we would be introducing a new position in our executive team, the International Community Advisor (ICA).

Our 5 appointed ICAs would be responsible for managing communications between S BLOCK Foundation and the global community. This includes promoting educational and feedback channels, establishing a mutually cooperative community, and directing strategic outreach to address community needs.

ICAs are responsible for maintaining the brand identity of S BLOCK through participation in S BLOCK events, conferences, and gatherings. They shall also support the Country Managers in their daily operations, strengthening our market analytics and outreach with the individual country communities.

Role and Responsibilities of ICA – S BLOCK

1. Act as a channel of communication between community and S BLOCK Foundation.
2. Attend and participate in selected S BLOCK events, conference and gathering.
3. Key-Note speaker in S BLOCK events, conference and gathering.
4. Intervene in, mediate and monitor the growth of all international community.
5. Cooperate with community in helping to create, promote and support activities that are beneficial to the members.
6. Assess the needs of the community and developing goals to reach these needs.
7. Establish community standards to create a mutually cooperative culture for members.
8. To contribute creativity, leadership skill set to the success and strong heritage of the brand, S BLOCK.
9. Has a strategic sales mindset, willingness to give and a passion for forming meaningful relationships with the global community.
10.Supporting all the CMs daily operation which including online marketing channel and offline event locally.
11.To guidance community by providing consistently educational material through E-Conferencing channel.

Dr Eric Ong

Crowned as Angel Investor of the Year and Malaysia’s Top 20 Entrepreneur, Dr Eric Ong was recognized by the market of his skills and professionalism in the finance industry. Dr Eric Ong is the Founder and CEO of Relianz Chain, member of US Blockchain Council and also part of the Board of Directors and advisors to several ICO companies. Apart from that, Dr Eric Ong is also the author of 2 Best Selling books named – “Bitcoin Investment” and “Blockchain Revolution Driving Enterprise Transformation”.

Dr Eric Ong is an also a veteran and highly sought-after financial speaker to a wide range of eminent projects on blockchain and encrypted currencies. Before he steps foot in the blockchain industry, Dr. Eric specialized in all kinds of financial investments, such as: US stock market, foreign exchange, gold options, and CFDs, etc. Beginning is finance career in 2004, he now has over 15 years of experience in investment and trading with clients across retail and high net-worth individuals, corporate and institutional customers from all around the world.


He has more than 8 years of management experience with international projects and international companies, covering marketing, business development, analytics, brand building and event management.

He is also an entrepreneur who has his own business, tapping on the experience gained over the years, the business was a success which affirms his management skills and allow him to share his business concept to the world.

Klim had served in various blockchain projects helping them to do marketing and analytics contributing the company’s growth. This resulted in great partnership with partners and companies in more than 10 countries.

Fabian Hoong

Fabian Hoong is the Chief Education Officer to Blockchain Master Academy. In his role, he leads the academy’s worldwide development, partnership on education policy, learning methods, advise on and support the innovation and development of blockchain related products and services. Heading a proficient team of top tier professionals, Fabian Hoong has successfully ensured consistent growth in the number of business partners as well as course participants since the opening of the academy.

After spending nearly a decade working on projects’ development and operation experiences in different countries, Fabian knows what truly drives conversions. It’s not about mastering the marketing flavour but it’s about how well you connect with the you reach out to and communicate your understanding back to them with sincerity. Fabian is now heavily involved in the development and investment of various blockchain projects. Besides, he is a member of U.S Blockchain Council.  Prior to this, he was also a business and personal development trainer and speaker who had inspired 80,000 people from China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. His mission is to cultivate successful leader to serve the community. Fabian’s interest in information system started when he earned his degree (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) from University of Nebraska Lincoln, United States. He majored in marketing and management of information system.

Ruslan Stulov

At 22, Ruslan Stulov is on his way into achieving great milestones in his career. He recently founded his company CryptoView Studio and CryptoEducation.

Ruslan also dived into the world of YouTube. Cryptoview and CryptoEducation are his main youtube channels. Cryptoview talks about cryptocurrency news and new blockchain companies, while CryptoEducation focuses more on educating viewers who are starters in the blockchain environment.

Under his management, the company grew quickly and was able to help clients achieve great success in the blockchain industry.

Wilson Gan

Wilson strongly believes that everyone can master blockchain knowledge and he is determined to adopt an easy-to-understand approach in explaining seemingly complicated blockchain concepts to public. He has more than 8 years of working experience with various listed groups and financial institutions, covering market planning, business development, international trade, product development, brand building and various businesses. He has served as a core member to assist Malaysian companies to be listed in the United States and also helped several international and domestic well-known Chinese medicine groups to plan listings and mergers and acquisitions.

He had gone from IPO business to ICO business and is now participating in blockchain project development, planning, design, marketing, promotion and landing applications. He is also the corporate advisor for several international blockchain projects, mainly assisting in the development of ecosystem and growth of community

Patrick Corsino

At 22, Patrick is a serial entrepreneur that has founded 4 companies that have all gone on to become profitable within their first year. His businesses are in a wide variety of sectors that include e-commerce, consulting, marketing and education.

He recently founded the Youtube channel “Patrick Corsino” as well as the “Crypto All-Star” education platform. Patrick uses his Youtube channel to talk about new and share his opinion on the market, while the Crypto All-Stars platform educates people on trading and investing correctly in this market.