S BLOCK Foundation Appoint New President – Peter Buser

S BLOCK Foundation Appoint New President – Peter Buser

S BLOCK Foundation deploys blockchain in digital finance, accelerates global business development, and appoints new President Peter Buser

As announced by the foundation, Ivan Bolonikhin would be focusing his skillset on the Eastern European market to promote market development and strengthen corporate support. He has passed on the mantle of presidency to former Vice-President Peter Buser to helm global operations.

The Foundation affirmed Ivan’s contributions to the project during its developmental and initial launch stages. Peter Buser was formerly the head of quantitative product development. He is recognised for his performance in managing the S BLOCK Interstellar Quantification services, and is well-suited for the role of President.

Peter Buser has extensive experience in quantitative trading financial products, specialising in product design and futures options. He has an excellent reputation in the investment industry, leading the quantitative trading team to generate more than 60% monthly returns. Being at the forefront of utilising artificial intelligence (AI) in the financial markets, Peter managed billions of dollars in daily trades with strong partnership with 30 top quantitative funds. As the incoming President, he intends to focus on expanding the blockchain commercial opportunities of S BLOCK by ensuring regulatory compliance with other countries.

S BLOCK is moving fast towards its next generation, with the official version 2.0 due to be launched on 20 September at the Dubai Conference. Beyond a revamped app interface, the new version would have new features such as more-intuitive quantitative reports, MasterNodes, Wormhole Chat, S Card, and the S Pay ecosystem. These promising features would bring additional volume and value.

S BLOCK Foundation has accorded presidency to Peter Buser due to his outstanding leadership abilities and technical experience. He has begun promoting other members of the team to leadership positions to further lead the foundation’s expansionary efforts. With Peter Buser as President, S BLOCK is poised for greater market success.