The world’s first integrated blockchain ecosystem – DAO

The world’s first integrated blockchain ecosystem – DAO

As we know, Bitcoin was proposed by Nakamoto in 2009, and its market value has increased to more than USD 1 billion in the past 9 years. This rapid growth is due to the Bitcoin community rallying behind its development, relying completely on group consensus. DAO, established by S BLOCK, an upgraded version of the community, has been initiated.

DAO, in full term know as Decentralised Autonomous Organization, is a community initiated by S BLOCK AG SWITZERLAND. It is commonly referred as “Community”, originates from a project, accepts its token for circulation and incentives, and sets rules on membership interactions and benefit distribution.

Everyone is identified similarly, regardless if you are an investor, developer, partner, operator, or consumer. Everyone participates in the construction of the DAO and benefits similarly.
S BLOCK is poised for an industry breakthrough by developing an all-encompassing blockchain ecosystem. By integrating multiple distinctive projects and communities with the expertise of industry talents, DAO empowers these projects to realize its full potential.

This will benefit all who contribute towards the development of the DAO.

The benefit of joining DAO, which include the ecosystem platform will boost development for DAO members, support ecosystem construction for DAO members, expand revenue channels for DAO members, promote sustainable innovation for DAO members, seek a blockchain innovation breakthrough, and lastly enjoy the unique and inclusive ecosystem.

DAO global Development plan has been official launch in September 2019, by end of this year, DAO ecosystem will be present in 30 countries with more than 5 million members. Looking to the future, DAO ecosystem will be break through 50 countries by year 2020 March, with more than 10 million members.

Besides, DAO launch with a strategic layout, by partnership with WBFex, DAO is to appoint industry leaders who prioritize mutual cooperation and benefits. with hundreds of quality projects will be eligible to participate in DAO to construct the DAO global ecosystem. This involves international cooperation, with strong relationships between millions of users, not just at the corporate level, but within the entire ecosystem.

Beyond WBFex, DAO will continue to partner more exchanges, projects, and communities. This will increase our million-strong userbase by a thousand-fold.
With millions of users forming a blockchain innovation community, let us realize it together.